Coming July 31st!

Before you hide in a room with air conditioning, might we suggest a pile of new comics like Batman Last Night on Earth or Powers of X (with free Krakoa seeds!) or the new printing of the final issue of Walking Dead or some of these other fine four color … Continue reading

Coming July 24th!

This is the week that changes the X-Men in the Marvel Universe! Batman Curse of the White Knight! Click and check the list and come get ’em! Did you hear about the Super-Apes who shared an Amazon account? They were Prime-mates. Thank you, tip your waitress. Continue reading

Coming June 19th!

Time to break out your hoodies, it’s June and it’s new comic day! Here’s a list of stuff you can get! Always be careful spending your money. We once spent $200 on a limo and found out it doesn’t come with a driver. Can’t believe we spent all that money … Continue reading