• Coming August 24TH!

    Coming August 24TH!More DC Rebirth with Batgirl, Blue Beetle,  Deathstroke  and Hellblazer! Civil War Ulysses! Archie! Rom#2 Snotgirl #2 and more!    DC COMICS ACTION COMICS #962       [more]

    Coming August 17th!

    Coming August 17th!New this week- The Fallen! Batman! Harley Quinn#2! The finale of Morrison's Klaus...and more!! DC COMICS AQUAMAN #5    [more]

    Coming August 10th!

    Coming August 10th!Tired of the Presidential race?  Olympics not doing it for you? How about, All Star Batman#1, Avengers, Black Panther, Labyrinth, the Accused...and more!   DC COMICS ACTION COMICS [more]

Coming August 3rd!


  New this week: Batman! Harley Quinn #1! The second issues of  Justice League and Kingpin! Inhumans!  The Whisperer War begins in the Walking Dead! And there’s more! check it out!