16th Mar2016

Coming March 16th!

New this week: the 50th issues of Superman and Green Arrow! International Iron Man and Archer and Armstrong debuts! Click the link and check out the rest!

09th Mar2016

Coming March 9th!

This week: Batman Vs Superman bagged variants! Warlock returns in the Infinity Entity! Mockingbird#1! Disney Princesses#1! And much more!

02nd Mar2016

Coming March 2nd!

New and waiting for you here this week: Batman Hush Coloring Book! Mighty Morphin Power Rangers#1! New Deadpool and Walking Dead! And More!

24th Feb2016

Coming February 24th!

Everything you want is out this week: DKIII #3! Justice League! Avengers! X-Men! Ant Man! Karnak#2 (!!) Fight Club2! Outcast! Saga! Faith! and more!

17th Feb2016

Coming February 17th!

New this week: comics greatest duos! Harley and Joker! Deadpool and Cable! Power Man and Iron Fist! And much more! Sweet Christmas!

09th Feb2016

Coming February 10th

All of your Valentines Day gift needs are here, including new issues of Batman, all new X-Men, Deadpool, Invader Zim, and the long lost issue of the classic Zap Comix #16 and more!

03rd Feb2016

Coming February 3rd!

This week: Miles Morales: Spider-man#1! Also, new issues of Detective Comics, Iron Man, Captain Marvel, Dr. Strange, Klaus, Spawn, Paper Girls, Walking Dead, and MORE, yo!

27th Jan2016

Coming January 27th!

All New Avengers! Superman! Old Man Logan! Carnage! Monsters! Saga! It's been a whole week, and it's time for new books to be acquired, read and enjoyed!

19th Jan2016

Coming January 20th!

Debuting this week; Silver Surfer#1 Captain Marvel#1! Also new issues of Batman, Harley Quinn, Deadpool, and more!

06th Jan2016

Coming January 6th!

Start the new year right with new comics! Spider-Man Deadpool#1! Swamp Thing#1! Action! Iron Man! Archie! Paper Girls and more! NEXT WEEK: SECRET WARS #9!