03rd Feb2016

Coming February 3rd!

This week: Miles Morales: Spider-man#1! Also, new issues of Detective Comics, Iron Man, Captain Marvel, Dr. Strange, Klaus, Spawn, Paper Girls, Walking Dead, and MORE, yo!

27th Jan2016

Coming January 27th!

All New Avengers! Superman! Old Man Logan! Carnage! Monsters! Saga! It's been a whole week, and it's time for new books to be acquired, read and enjoyed!

19th Jan2016

Coming January 20th!

Debuting this week; Silver Surfer#1 Captain Marvel#1! Also new issues of Batman, Harley Quinn, Deadpool, and more!

06th Jan2016

Coming January 6th!

Start the new year right with new comics! Spider-Man Deadpool#1! Swamp Thing#1! Action! Iron Man! Archie! Paper Girls and more! NEXT WEEK: SECRET WARS #9!

29th Dec2015
2015-12-28 15.35.43

Coming December 30th!

2015 is going out with a bang! Amazing Spider-Man! Obi Wan & Anakin#1! All New Wolverine! Superman Annual! James Bond! And more!

23rd Dec2015

Coming on Festivus! (December 23rd!)

A few days before X-mas and what will we see? New issues of DKIII , Amazing Spider-man, Deadpool, Saga, and Hip Hop Family Tree! And theres more! Click it & check it!

16th Dec2015

Coming December 16th!

Holiday or no holiday, New Comics still come in Wednesday! Darth Vader! Harley Quinn! Justice League! Thor! Ms Marvel! Klaus! The conclusion to Ultimate End...and more!

09th Dec2015

Coming December 9th!

The penultimate issue of Secret Wars! ┬áBatman meets the TMN Turtles! Gwen pool special! Batman! Amazing Spider-man! Walking Dead and more- look!   DC COMICS ALEX ROSS...

02nd Dec2015

Coming December 2nd!

Robin War begins! The first issues of Totally Awesome Hulk, Red Hulk, Daredevil, Spidey and All New X-Men! We Can Never Go Home, Mystery Girl, Unfollow and more!

25th Nov2015

Coming November 25th!

"How about a fist full of bloody chiclets with your turkey, punk?" DARK KNIGHT3 is here! Also Archie#4, Outcast, Saga, Fight Club 2, Carnage, Darth Vader, and a lot more stuff to give thanks for!