Coming August 8th!

It’s summer in upstate New York, the horses are ready, the weather is beautiful, and of course that means only one thing: New Comic Day at Earthworld Comics!  Race on down and when you grab a handful of these new releases, you’ve hit the trifecta, Tiger!

Coming August 1st!

Its the best time of the week: New Comics Day! You can read them in a car, you can read them in a bar, and unlike The Handmaid’s Tale, you can actually eat while enjoying them!  

Coming July 18th!

You’re getting down to the last 250 comics on your to-read stack…And that means only one thing…TIME FOR SOME NEW COMICS!  Woof! And here’s what you can expect in this week….!

Coming June 27th!

It’s the best day of the week: New Comic Day! And here’s a list of all the great releases for you to peruse, contemplate, speculate, purchase, read and save it in a comic box to someday put your kids on a bus to go to college!

Coming June 20th!

It’s a week full of weddings in the comics, with the penultimate issue leading up to the Batman Catwoman wedding and X-Men Gold Where Kitty Pryde and Colossus tie the knot….or do they?  Also, Dan Slott’s FINAL Amazing Spider-man, another Iron Man #1, Hit Girl and more!

Coming June 13th!

The Wayne/Kyle wedding is getting closer with Batgirl Vs the Riddler! Odinson regains the mantle of Thor! Hawkman and Plastic Man return!  Mage! Magic Order #1! Kick Ass, and as many as comics as your heart and wallet can stand!