• Coming September 21st!

    Coming September 21st!The big guns are out this week! Civil War II!  Batman! Amazing Spider-man! Lil Poopy Superstar! and more! Click it and check it!    DC COMICS ADVENTURES OF SUPERGIRL TP    [more]

    Coming September 14th!

    Coming September 14th!  Make your comic collection great again with these new releases!   DC COMICS ACTION COMICS #963     [more]

    Coming September 7th!

    Coming September 7th!The big guns are out this week! Batman! Superman! Harley Quinn! Lil Poopy Superstar! Also Supergirl#1 Alters#1 Walking Dead, and more!    DC COMICS AQUAMAN #6                     [more]

Coming August 31st!


The last week of summer brings the hottest titles! Amazing Spider-man! Justice League of America! Saga! TMNT Universe #1! Rick and Morty! Afterlife with Archie, and more!

Coming August 3rd!


  New this week: Batman! Harley Quinn #1! The second issues of  Justice League and Kingpin! Inhumans!  The Whisperer War begins in the Walking Dead! And there’s more! check it out!