• Coming October 19th!

    Coming October 19th!Dark Knight III Master Race! Love and Rockets! Infamous Iron Man#1! New issues of Batman Amazing Spider-man and lots of stuff you want! Look here!!!!!    DC COMICS AQUAMAN #9        [more]

    Coming October 12th!

    Coming October 12th!The Clone Conspiracy begins! Millar and Capullo's Reborn starts! Mosaic debuts! New issues of All Star Batman, Doom Patrol, and more! Click to see more!  DC COMICS ACTION COMICS [more]

    Coming October 5th!

    Coming October 5th! This week- bunch of stuff you want to read! Batman! Walking Dead! Champions#1! Nd a whole lot more- click it and check it!   DC COMICS AQUAMAN #8    [more]

Coming August 31st!


The last week of summer brings the hottest titles! Amazing Spider-man! Justice League of America! Saga! TMNT Universe #1! Rick and Morty! Afterlife with Archie, and more!