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08th Oct2014

Coming October 8th!

Axis begins! So does Edge of Spider-verse and Earth2 Worlds End! The debut of the new Batgirl! Sabrina! New Avengers! Wytches! Synder and Capullo's final Batman arc! More Ragnarok, Sex Criminals and Dr. Mirage! And a whole lot more of what you're jonesing for!

29th Sep2014

Coming October 1st!

This is the month thats comes in like thunder! The debut of Thor! The new Lobo! Bucky Barnes Winter Soldier#1! Guardians 3000! Gotham Academy! Also, Death of Wolverine#3! Fade Out#2! Rat Queens! Walking Dead, and a whole bunch of stuff you're going to want to read and own! Woof!

24th Sep2014

Coming September 24th!

DC Future Ends month concludes with 3d covers of Harley Quinn, Sinestro and Booster Gold! New Avengers reveals more of the Marvel Universe 8 months later! Chew! Cowl! Outcast! Saga! Justice Inc! And more!

17th Sep2014


The Avengers 8 months later! Multiversity returns! George Perez's Sirens! More DC Futures End! This is not the week you want to miss or the books you want to miss! Check it out!

10th Sep2014

Coming September 10th

DC 3D Futures End continue with Batgirl, Batman and Suicide Squad. New issues of Death of Wolverine, Amazing Spider-man. and Hawkeye. First issues of Copperhead, Empire of the Dead, and the new Walking Dead! And much more!

29th Aug2014
Death of Wolverine -- exclusive EW.com image

Coming September 3rd!

This is the big one! Time to cash in those empties! DC 3D month returns! Original Sin concludes! Grendel vs The Shadow! Wolverine croaks! Alice Cooper, Ex Con, and Cloaks debut! And there's much more!

26th Aug2014

Coming August 27th!

Bob's Burgers#1! Wayward#1! New issues of Johns/Romita Jr. Superman, Avengers, the Goon, Harley Quinn, Cowl, Outcast#2 and more! Click it and check it!

20th Aug2014

Coming August 20th!

The DC Universe you wanted is here! Multiversity#1 starts! Justice Inc returns! Fade Out from Brubaker begins! Also, new issues of Batman & Robin, New Avengers, Ms Marvel, Trees, and more!

12th Aug2014

Coming August 13th!

Original Sin's penultimate issue! The return of Starlight and Sex Criminals! Deadpool's Daughter? New Walking Dead! More X-men! More Spider-Man! More Harley Quinn! And more...everything!

05th Aug2014

Coming August 6th!

Jim Starlin's New Thanos Graphic Novel! Grayson, Rocket Raccoon and Starlord return with their second issues with Superior Spider-man coming back for more! Kick Ass3 concludes! Miracleman becomes a daddy! More Squidder, Bunker, Chasity, Uber, and more!