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12th Aug2014

Coming August 13th!

Original Sin's penultimate issue! The return of Starlight and Sex Criminals! Deadpool's Daughter? New Walking Dead! More X-men! More Spider-Man! More Harley Quinn! And more...everything!

05th Aug2014

Coming August 6th!

Jim Starlin's New Thanos Graphic Novel! Grayson, Rocket Raccoon and Starlord return with their second issues with Superior Spider-man coming back for more! Kick Ass3 concludes! Miracleman becomes a daddy! More Squidder, Bunker, Chasity, Uber, and more!

26th Jul2014

Coming July 30th!

Sandman Overtune#3- nuff said! The finale of Scott Snyder and Sean Murphy's The Wake! Remender's new series: "Low" debuts! Harley Quinn! Detective Annual! Bodies#1! Outcast#2! Avengers and Uncanny X-Men Original Sin, and more!

26th Jul2014

July 23rd!

  DC COMICS ALL STAR WESTERN #33                                                                              3.99 AQUAMAN #33                                                                                               2.99 AQUAMAN #33 BATMAN 75 VAR ED                                                                 2.99 BATMAN #33 (ZERO YEAR) (NOTE PRICE)        ...

14th Jul2014

Coming July 16th!

Harley Quinn Invades Comic Con! Seconds: Brian Lee O'Malley's first GN since Scott Pilgrim! Black Market! Squidder! Wicked & Devine#2! Teen Titans#1 Original Sin#5 and Archie dies......and more!

08th Jul2014

Coming July 9th!

You think you know Grayson? Then you don't know Dick! Plus, the New Suicide Squad with Harley Quinn and Joker's Daughter! Also Original Sin 5.1, Spider-Man 2099, Life After, Walking Dead and more!

02nd Jul2014

Coming July 2nd!

Original Sin#5! The Guardians of the Galaxy take over the week! Star Lord#1, Rocket Raccoon#1, Guardians: Most Wanted! Superman Unchained! Southern Bastards! And a whole lot more!

24th Jun2014

Coming June 25th!

Yowza! This is the BIG ONE! Romita Jr Superman and Kirkman's new series Outcast debuts! New issues of Amazing Spider-man, Batman and Saga! Savage Hulk! Original Sin3.1! Invincible and more!

18th Jun2014

Coming June 18th!

This is a big one! Bombshell variants of Wonder Woman and Harley Quinn! Avengers! Original Sin#4! The return of Sex Criminals! Wicked and Devine#1! MPH#2! TMNT in Time! And MORE!

09th Jun2014

Coming June 11th!

Week two of the DC Bombshell covers! Original Sins, Armor Hunters and Infinity Man and the Forever People debut! New issues of Batman Eternal, Walking Dead and, as always, a bunch of stuff you didn't expect to come out, but can't live without!