28th Oct2015

Coming October 28th

From DC we have new issues of Aquaman, Batgirl, Flash and Superman! From Marvel we have Captain America, Deadpool vs Thanos, New Avengers and Squirrel Girl! Also, Black Magik, Fight Club 2, Rick & Morty AND MORE!

21st Oct2015

Coming October 21st!

The new Marvel debuts continue with Karnak, Ant Man and the Uncanny Inhumans as well as second issues of Amazing Spider-man and Iron Man! Titans Hunt#1 Back to the Future#1 Invader Zim and more!

14th Oct2015

Coming October 14th!

Lots of stuff you'll want to ooze your orbs over this week! New Batman! Harley Quinn! Chewbacca#1! New #1's for Guardians of the Galaxy, New Avengers and Uncanny Avengers! The Goon! Clandestino, and more!

02nd Oct2015

Coming October 7th!

It's Monster week! - More new books you'll want to read! Secret Wars#6! Amazing Spider-man#1! Iron Man#1 Dr.Strange#1! Avengers#0! Batman & Robin Eternal! Paper Girls#1! Jughead#1 And too much more! Click it and check it!

30th Sep2015

Coming September 30th!

It's been called Dead Comics week, but theres some life on the racks- new Annuals for Batman, Green Lantern and Grayson! The long awaited conclusion to Sandman! Archie #3, Captain America White #2 and more!

23rd Sep2015

Coming September 23rd!

All of this weeks releases! Check the link and come get them and take them home! Lock the door, sit in the chair, avoid your family and enjoy your comics!

16th Sep2015

Coming September 16th!

The long awaited Captain America: White by Loeb and Sale! Agent Carter! Black Canary! Sex Criminals with the regular and naughty Kate Leth cover! Robin, Miracleman and more!

09th Sep2015

Coming September 9th!

All the stuff you need THIS WEEK! Batman! Amazing Spider-Man! Civil War! Harley Quinn! Walking Dead! All here, all new, right now!

02nd Sep2015

Coming September 2nd!

The fight thats been years in the making! Deadpool vs Thanos! Also, DC Bombshells#2! House of M#2! Plutonia#1! Bobs Burgers, Evil Dead, Aliens vs Vampirella! And more!

26th Aug2015

Coming August 26th!

This is the week to grab a bunch of great titles! Superman! Cyborg! Hellboy in Hell! Civil War! Old Man Logan! Fight Club! Over the Garden Wall! Godzilla..and more!