21st Apr2015

Coming April 22nd!

Black Vortex concludes! Convergence continues! Squirrel Girl conquers! The return of Empire (Golgoth, not Cookie) and Scrooge (McDuck, not Ebenezer) ! Also new issues of All New X-Men, Black Hood, Divinity, and Star Wars-plus more!

15th Apr2015

Coming April 15th!

Predator has arrived in Riverdale with a few days to kill! Convergence continues in the DCU! New issues of Ms Marvel, Thor, Spawn, Crossed! The debut of the Fox! And the long awaited second issue of Sabrina! And much more stuff!

12th Apr2015


08th Apr2015

Coming April 8th!

Convergence week one begins! Jupiter's Circle returns! Rebels#1! Reanimator! Kaijumax! New Darth Vader, Ant Man, Deadpool, Saga, and Walking Dead! And don't forget; FREE COMIC BOOK DAY SATURDAY MAY 2nd!

31st Mar2015

Coming April 1st!

No fooling! This is NOT the week to give up comics!  Convergence! Karan the Last Padawan! Spider-Gwen! Rick and Morty#1! Avengers Age of Ultron Pop Vinyls and More!  ...

25th Mar2015

Coming March 25th!

The final Multiversity! Black Vortex continues in Guardians of the Galaxy and Starlord! Thanos Vs Hulk concludes! New Walking Dead, Wicked + Devine, Wytches, and the 25c bargain of the week: Invincible#118! And the return of Jem and more!

18th Mar2015

Coming March 18th

Black Vortex continues in All New X-Men and Guardians Team Up! The Fly, Chrononauts, Red One and Giant Days debut! New Silk, Batgirl, Divinity, Squirrel Girl and Outcast! Strange Sports Stories! Click to see more!

11th Mar2015

Coming March 11th!

New! Howard the Duck! Batman Arkham Knight! Ninjak! New issues of Star Wars, Spider-Gwen, Ant Man, Walking Dead and the debut of Bill and Ted's Most Triumphant Return and more! Remember, Don't forget to be excellent to each other, dudes!

03rd Mar2015


New this week: Princess Leia#1! Rat Queens returns! New Harley Quinn, Avengers, Nameless, Saga, the debut of the All New Hawkeye and Guardians Team Up! As well as much amazing stuff your fan-heart can handle!

25th Feb2015

Coming February 25th!

The first issue of Spider-Gwen#1! Black Hood#1! Criminal Special - also available in Magazine size! New issues of Batman, Deadpool, Amazing Spider-Man, Mortal Kombat, ODY-C, and more!