19th Aug2015

Coming August 19th!

House of M! Secret Wars Secret Love! Invincible! Rat Queens! Justice League! Plus a whole bunch we can’t fit in this tiny space, so click! DC COMICS...

12th Aug2015

Coming August 12th!

The stuff you want to read is HERE! Secret Wars#5! Batman#43! Walking Dead#145! Bombshells#1! Star Trek Green Lantern#2! Check the link to see where all your spare cash will be going this week!

05th Aug2015

Coming August 5th!

Smashing your way this week: Civil War! Spidey Renew your Vows! Green Lantern! Outcast! Wicked + Divine! Darth Vader! And this is just the beginning of the month!

29th Jul2015

Coming July 29th!

The last week of July brings the hottest releases! Batgirl! Star Wars! Superman! Thors! Sabrina! Sex Criminals with two covers, one nice and one naughty- both bagged for your pleasure! Daredevil, Spawn and more!

22nd Jul2015

Coming July 22nd!

Everything that makes a fanboy/girl swoon and speculator drool! The Final Fables! Archie vs Predator...AND Sharknado! Cyborg#1! The return of Enormous! Disciples#2! Rick and Morty#4! Star Lord and Kitty Pryde! And more!

15th Jul2015

Coming July 15th!

This week a pivotal issue of Justice League! The final issue of Fraction/Aja's Hawkeye! From Battleworld: Siege, Guardians of Knowhere, Planet Hulk! Book of Death, New Adventure Time, Trees, Blacklist#1 and more!

08th Jul2015


An evening for Women who want to find out more about Comics and for Fan-Girls who don’t want Boys getting in the way! ¬†FRIDAY AUGUST 21st from...

08th Jul2015

Coming July 8th!

Grab your Colt 45 to celebrate the debut issue of Star Wars Lando! Welcome to Timely circa 1872 under the watchful eye of Sheriff Steve Rogers! Archie#1! Civil War and Age of Apocalypse return! New issues of Batman, Saga, and Walking Dead and more!

01st Jul2015

Coming July 1st!

The books you want to read are HERE! Secret Wars#4! A-Force#2! Ultimate End#3! The return of Bobs Burgers and The Spirit! Detective Comics! Green Arrow! What are you waiting for?! Come and get 'em!

24th Jun2015

Coming June 24th!

This week in Battleworld: Age of Ultron vs Marvel Zombies! Planet Hulk! Infinity Gauntlet! Korvac Saga and More! Superman Exposed! Fight Club2#2 your next assignment! Another new Walking Dead and more!!!!