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21st May2014


Forever Evil concludes! Saga returns! More Original Sin! Click to check out where the rest of your money is going!

13th May2014

Coming May 14th!

Hellboy in Hell! Batman designer figures by Capullo! Justice League United#1! Afterlife with Archie! All New Avengers, Ghost Rider, Ultimates, X-Men and Superman: Doomed! All this, a new chapter for the Walking Dead and a LOT more! Gosh!

11th May2014

New 52 Batman Capullo Action Figures!

Absolutely gorgeous! You HAVE to have these! Coming May 14th!

11th May2014

Free Comic Book Day 2014!

The culling and meeting of the Capital Districts Greatest comic Fans culminating into an utter geekfest! Photos (c) Michelle Margaret Baxter and Earthworld Comics, all rights reserved. Yeah, we're looking at you, George.

07th May2014

Coming May 7th!

In this corner is DC's New 52 Futures End. In the other corner, Marvel's Original Sin. Let the battle of the blockbusters begin! And don't forget Amazing Spider-man#1.1! Nailbiter#1! Miracleman! Chaos#1, and a lot more!

28th Apr2014

Coming April 30th

Peter Parker The Amazing Spider-man is back! The conclusion of Origin II! The debut of Jason Aaron's Southern Bastards, and too much to list in this box! Click here!

23rd Apr2014

Coming April 23rd!

The start of Original Sin! Double sized Guardians of Galaxy! Justice League United#0! Duffman#1! Check your pulse because if you aren't excited about this weeks books, then you must be one of the Walking Dead! (Also out this week!)

15th Apr2014

Coming April 16th

The final Superior Spider-Man! Peter Parker returns! New Batman and Harley Quinn! First issues of Sinestro, Ultimate FF, Solar, The Hulk and a whole lot more- check it out!

07th Apr2014

Coming April 9th!

It's the new series debuts of Doop, New Ultimates, Nightcrawler, and Iron Fist! Also the first issue of the new weekly Batman Eternal! Also, Shutter#1! Lumberjanes#1 the wedding of Deadpool and MORE!

31st Mar2014

Coming April 2nd!

If you want to stop reading comics, then you picked the wrong week! Spider-Man#200! Aquaman & the Others#1! Deadpool Vs Carnage! Inhuman#1! And lots more- Click it and check it!