17th Jun2015

Coming June 17th!

Bryan Hitch's Justice League of America#1! Black Canary, Doomed, Robin and Dr Fate begin their new series! Thors and Runaways also debut! Plus Lumberjanes! Rick and Morty! Trees! Giant Days! Bloodshot Reborn...and more!

10th Jun2015

Coming June10th!

The debut of the NEW Batman! More Ultimate End! The starts of Weirdworld and Captain Marvel & the Carol Corps! The return of Section 8! New Tank Girl! Spider-Gwen, Saga, and Walking Dead! And More!

03rd Jun2015

Coming June 3rd!

Secret Wars#3! Batmite and Bizzaro debut! Batman Beyond#1! Free Batman Beyond Masks, Batmite tattoos, Justice League Darkseid War posters with purchase! Also, Mini Marvels: AVX , Groot, Wicked + Divine, the long awaited Nonplayer#2 and more!

27th May2015

Coming May 27th!

The end of Convergence! The penultimate Sandman Overture! Fight Club 2! Infinity Gauntlet! New issues of Black Hood, TMNT, Ragnarok, Ms Marvel, Divinity, Sabrina#3 and more!

20th May2015

Coming May 20th!

This is NOT the week to give up comics! The future of the Marvel Universe: A-Force#1 is here! The pentultimate Convergence! Deadpool's Secret Secret Wars! Wytches! Planet Hulk! Ultimate End! Battleworld! Spider-Verse! Archie Vs Predator! Optic Nerve! And more!

13th May2015

Coming May 13th!

Thor's identity revealed! The biggest shakeup in comics history continues in Convergence and Secret Wars#2! New Silk, Saga, Ms Marvel, and Walking Dead! Also Fangirls Guide to the Galaxy and more cool stuff!

06th May2015

Coming May 6th

The end of the Marvel Universe(s) is here! Fifty Four years in the making: Secret Wars! Wonder Woman '77 Special! Also, the new Convergence, Amazing Spider-man, Descender, Wicked+Divine, Spider-Gwen, Rachel Rising, and more!

28th Apr2015

Coming April 29th!

The conclusion of Batman Endgame! The end of the Avengers! The last Fantastic Four! New Superman, Bitch Planet, Jem & Holograms, Outcast, and more! And don't forget FCBD is THIS SATURDAY!

21st Apr2015

Coming April 22nd!

Black Vortex concludes! Convergence continues! Squirrel Girl conquers! The return of Empire (Golgoth, not Cookie) and Scrooge (McDuck, not Ebenezer) ! Also new issues of All New X-Men, Black Hood, Divinity, and Star Wars-plus more!

15th Apr2015

Coming April 15th!

Predator has arrived in Riverdale with a few days to kill! Convergence continues in the DCU! New issues of Ms Marvel, Thor, Spawn, Crossed! The debut of the Fox! And the long awaited second issue of Sabrina! And much more stuff!