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20th Jan2014

Coming January 22nd!

Batman Year Zero continues! An out of order issue of Hawkeye! The first issues of All New Invaders, Scribblenauts! New issues of Black Widow, Avengers World, Harley Quinn, the Walking Dead and more stuff you can't live without!

14th Jan2014

Coming January 15th!

Miracleman returns! Amazing, All-New, and Uncanny X-men this week! The debut of Skyman and Black Dynamite! New issues of Alex and Ada, Velvet, Unity, and at least a half box of new titles!

02nd Jan2014

Coming Wednesday January 8th!

Welcome to 2014! New first issues of Marvel Now Point One, Black Widow, All New X-Factor, and Avengers World! Also, Frank Miller does the cover to Detective#27 and a new issue of Walking Dead! And more- click here!

31st Dec2013

Coming December 31st!

You are exiting 2013 and entering the Twilight Zone! Fables creator Bill Willingham's new series Legenderry! Superman Unchained, Superior Foes of Spider-man, Rachel Rising, Previews and lots more!

23rd Dec2013

Coming December 24th!

It's the week of Christmas and Forever Evil, Justice League, Avengers and Origin II have arrived! Happy Holidays!

18th Dec2013
HQ 1

Coming December 18th

We got Avengers, X-Men, Harley Quinn, the final Locke and Key, Saga, East of West and a whole lot more! Click to see, then come and get them and bring them home!

10th Dec2013

Coming December 11th!

The holiday comic avalanche continues with new issues of Batman, Superior Foes of Spider-man, Uncanny X-men, Shaolin Cowboy, the debut of Justice League 3000, the last Walking Dead of 2013, and more!

03rd Dec2013

Coming December 4th!

From the ashes of Infinity comes INHUMANITY! Brubaker's Velvet#2, New Superior Spider-Man, Batman/Superman, Guardians of the Galaxy and Hellboy is still in Hell! All this and more!

25th Nov2013

Coming November 27th!

This is the BIG week! Walking Dead, Infinity, Saga and much more, click here! We will be open the day before Thanksgiving! We will be CLOSED on Thursday November 28th for Thanksgiving, but will reopen on Friday!

18th Nov2013

Coming November 20th!

Harley Quinn makes her solo debut in the new 52! Cataclysm: The End of the Ultimates continue! The First Fairest original graphic novel! Scooby Doo Team up! Superior Spider-Man Annual! And a lot more stuff you're going to want!