Coming September 13th!

This week The Oz Effect begins! Also: Metal #2!  Mister Miracle#2! The return of the Green Goblin in Amazing Spider-man! Generations Captain Marvel! Runaways #1! And a brand new Harley Quinn comic box for you to stuff those valuable four color wonders!

Coming August 30th!

The final week of August brings the final issue of Secret Empire! The debut of Mace Windu! Darkseid Special! Mace Windu#1! Also, a whole lot more comics you’re going to want! Sic ’em, fanthing!

Coming July 19th!

War of Jokes and Riddles part 3!  Secret Empire #6 with Free Cosmic Cube! Moonstruck#1, Bettie Page#1, Duck Tales#0 and the new Overstreet Price Guide and much more! Get ’em, boyee!


Dark Days the Casting! The long awaited Spider-Men II! Matt Wagner’s Mage returns! New issues ofEdge of Venomverse, Flash, Wonder Woman, Amazing Spider-man and more stuff you want!