Coming June 6th!

The Batman Catwoman Wedding is less than a month away and the Joker isn’t happy as seen this week in Batman#48! Also, debut issues of Immortal Hulk, Doctor Strange and Unexpected!  New Spawn, Tick, Walking Dead and much more!

Coming May 30th!

This week is the big one! Amazing Spider-Man#800! Man of Steel#1! Doomsday Clock#5! Star Wars Lando! DC meets Hanna Barbara II! Also a huge stack of exciting new releases that you’ll devour, bag, board and save for your great grandkids!

Coming May 23rd!

This week:Black Panther #1! Again! Iron Man #600! Already? Infinity Countdown Darkhawk! What th?  Also three or four handfuls of more awesome releases including the following……


Just because FCBD is over doesn’t mean it’s going to be a slow week…The final Batman White Knight! Detective Comics! Deadpool #300! Venom by Donny Cates #1! Barrier #1 and #2!  And more!

Coming April 11th!

The Action Comics #1000 celebration begins!  Captain America#700! Immortal Men and Domino debuts in their own series! Plus lots of other great comics that you’re going to want to read!