Coming October 11th!

Definitely a comic out this week for everyone! Metal #3!  Oz Effect part 3! More Marvel Legacy launches- with lenticular covers and value stamps! Fighting American, American Gods, Grass Kings Penny Dreadful, SpongeBob and a variety of new stuff! Come get ’em, Skippy!  

Coming October 4th!

This is not the week you want to give up comics! Legacy and Lenticulars! Batman times three! Harley meets Betty and Veronica! The return of Rocket Girl and the origin of Negan collected! And a whole lot more!

Coming September 27th!

This is the big one!  Marvel Legacy #1 !  Batman Metal Murder Machine! Superman Oz Effect part 2! Generations Captain America and Spider-man! New Saga, Redneck and Walking Dead Vol. 28!  And much more excitement that your fan-thing heart can take!

Coming September 13th!

This week The Oz Effect begins! Also: Metal #2!  Mister Miracle#2! The return of the Green Goblin in Amazing Spider-man! Generations Captain Marvel! Runaways #1! And a brand new Harley Quinn comic box for you to stuff those valuable four color wonders!