Coming December 27th!

The last week of of 2017 goes out with a bang! Doomsday Clock #2!  Phoenix Resurrection#1! Amazing Spider-man: Venom Inc part 4! Hawkman Found! Tick #2! And a whole truckload of other exciting releases to keep you out of trouble until New Years Eve!

Coming December 20th!

Take some time out the busy holiday season and pick up a stack of this week’s brand new releases! After all, you’ve been really good this year, kinda sorta. On Dasher, On Prancer, On Visa and Amex! Cash is great and in a pinch and so are checks!

Coming December 6th!

Venom Inc is here! Batman comes at you full force this week in his own title, with the Turtles and in White Knight! Also Witchblade returns! Barbarella! Love and Rockets! Walking Dead, and more!!