Coming August 30th!

The final week of August brings the final issue of Secret Empire! The debut of Mace Windu! Darkseid Special! Mace Windu#1! Also, a whole lot more comics you’re going to want! Sic ’em, fanthing!

Coming July 19th!

War of Jokes and Riddles part 3!  Secret Empire #6 with Free Cosmic Cube! Moonstruck#1, Bettie Page#1, Duck Tales#0 and the new Overstreet Price Guide and much more! Get ’em, boyee!


Dark Days the Casting! The long awaited Spider-Men II! Matt Wagner’s Mage returns! New issues ofEdge of Venomverse, Flash, Wonder Woman, Amazing Spider-man and more stuff you want!

Coming June 28th!

Batman vs Elmer Fudd! Jonah Hex vs  Yosemite Sam! Defenders#2! Secret Empire#5! New issues of Detective, Flash,  Amazing Spider-man and your chance to get a facsimile of Amazing Spider-Man#1 for only a buck!  And more!